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Greater Cambridge Biodiversity Supplementary Planning Document 

About the Biodiversity Supplementary Planning Document 

The adopted 2018 Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire Local Plans both include several policies which aim to ensure that new development conserves and enhances biodiversity. To ensure that these policies are implemented as effectively as possible the Greater Cambridge Biodiversity Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) has been prepared to provide additional technical guidance. The SPD provides accessible, accurate and up-to-date guidance on the planning regulations surrounding biodiversity, including relevant national legislation. The document sets out the information that should be submitted with planning applications to demonstrate how development proposals meet the councils’ requirements. The SPD is a material planning consideration in determining planning applications in both Council areas. 


Adoption documents 

The SPD was adopted by South Cambridgeshire District Council on 7 February 2022 and by Cambridge City Council on 11 January 2022.  

The adopted SPD takes into consideration comments received during public consultation, which took place between 23 July and 17 September 2021. The Statement of Consultation includes a summary of representations and the councils’ response. The Adoption Statement provides further information on the adoption procedure including the legal right to challenge it.