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North East Cambridge Area Action Plan

We are currently preparing an Area Action Plan (AAP) for the area known as North East Cambridge (NEC), where the proposed relocation of the Anglian Water facility in this area will provide the catalyst for developing a significant new city district. Our vision for North East Cambridge is to create a lively, active, low-carbon new district, including space for businesses, homes, culture and leisure. We want to create a mix of activities which will serve existing communities, as well as new residents, and create real benefit for some of our most disadvantaged communities.

About North East Cambridge

Map of North East Cambridge Area Action Plan location

The area covered by the North East Cambridge AAP is sited between the A14 to the north and west, the Cambridge to King’s Lynn railway line to the east and the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway from Cambridge North Station towards St Ives, to the south.  It includes the area around Cambridge North Station.

This area crosses the boundary between Cambridge City Council and South Cambridgeshire District Council.  Policies in the adopted Local Plans of each Council already allocate the site for a high-quality mixed-use development with a range of supporting uses.  The AAP will set out the amount of new development, how it is designed, transport connections, the necessary supporting infrastructure and the timescales for the proposed development. This plan will make a significant contribution towards meeting the housing and employment demand of Greater Cambridge, in a sustainable and socially inclusive form.

What is currently happening?

We held an Issues and Options Consultation in Spring 2019, following an earlier consultation in 2014. We are currently preparing a draft Area Action Plan which takes into account the feedback we received, as well as background technical evidence that the councils have commissioned.  We run a community liaison forum specifically focused on the Plan, as well as working closely with landowners, ward members and other stakeholders in the area, and these are all helping us shape the vision and specific policies for the area.

We will shortly be publishing the draft Plan for a wide consultation with local communities, stakeholders and other consultees. This is currently scheduled for late summer 2020.

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