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Key sites already identified

A key site that will feed into the new development strategy is North East Cambridge. This brownfield site in the built-up area of Cambridge includes the area around Cambridge North Station, and the Anglian Water site where funding has been secured through the Housing Infrastructure Fund to support redevelopment. A North East Cambridge Area Action Plan (see glossary) is in preparation and will show how significant levels of jobs and homes can be created here. While this site is allocated in the adopted 2018 Local Plans (see glossary), neither plan relied on development here to make up its growth targets. This means that all development here will count towards the additional targets for the next Local Plan (see glossary).

Also significant is Cambridge Airport. Previous plans had allocated the Airport and other land to the north and south for a major new urban quarter of 10-12,000 new homes and a strategic scale of jobs. When we were preparing the adopted 2018 Local Plans (see glossary), Marshall advised that it had not secured an alternative site and the land would not be available until at least 2031. The adopted 2018 Local Plans (see glossary) therefore safeguard the land for development in the event that it becomes available, recognising that it is in a very sustainable location on the edge of Cambridge and is no longer in the Green Belt. Development on safeguarded land can only occur once the site becomes available and following a review of the adopted plans. In May 2019, Marshall announced that it intends to relocate and has identified three possible options, one of which is in Greater Cambridge (see glossary) at the IWM (Imperial War Museum) site at Duxford. Confirmation whether the safeguarded land at Cambridge Airport can be developed within the next 20 years will be important as part of considering whether to allocate it in the next Local Plan.

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