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Wellbeing and social inclusion - what do we have to do?

Local family in green space.

National planning policy (see glossary) requires that Local Plans should aim to achieve healthy, inclusive and safe places. This includes:

  • Creating places that promote social interaction between people who might not otherwise come into contact with each other.

  • Making sure places are safe and accessible so that the fear of crime does not undermine quality of life.

  • Supporting healthy lifestyles by provision of greenspaces and sports facilities, and opportunities to walk and cycle.

  • Meeting the variety of needs in our community.

Responding to national policy requirements for climate change, green spaces, great places, housing, jobs and infrastructure, as set out in the other themes, will promote wellbeing and social inclusion.

Plans need to ensure development is right for its location, and consider impacts of the development itself, including for issues like air quality and noise. Plans should also consider how they can contribute to the achievement of wider objectives, such as in Air Quality Management Plans.

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