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Involving communities in planning for their future

Marmalade Lane co-housing, Orchard Park. Photograph by David Butler, courtesy Mole Architects

Making places inclusive is much easier if we involve our diverse communities in planning them in the first place. This makes developments more functional, accessible and safe, and ensures that communities feel a sense of ownership and pride in their local area.

Involving community members and stakeholders (see glossary) should happen from the early stages right through to how completed developments are managed. This allows social value to be generated from all parts of the planning and development process: from the big ideas, such as the kind of public spaces that should come with development, to the detail, such as the use of local suppliers and job creation through the construction process.

The Local Plan (see glossary) can help to encourage more community involvement in the development process through considering:

  • How masterplans for new communities and major developments are prepared.

  • How communities can be involved in key decisions about developments in their local area, for example the location and type of public open space or new facilities.

  • How design proposals should respond to local community views about the character of their built environment.

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