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Creating safe and inclusive communities

Promoting social inclusion is not just a matter for the Local Plan (see glossary), but planning is a powerful tool which can help in a number of ways. The Local Plan needs to help to create the homes and jobs people need, and to help people access local services and a broad range of amenities including sports, social and education facilities. We need to consider how planning policy can:

  • Help provide new homes for all parts of the community – including a range of affordable housing (see glossary) choices and different types of housing to suit specialist housing needs.

  • Ensure that new homes are cost efficient to maintain – for example, through energy efficiency measures.

  • Encourage the development of a wide range of jobs, which provide different options for work to suit the varied needs of our residents, so that all benefit from access to jobs. This is covered further in our ‘Jobs’ theme.

  • Support delivery and access to new and affordable low-carbon transport infrastructure.

  • Seek funding from developers of larger new developments to carry out community development work.

  • Ensure that mixed communities are developed and meet the needs of diverse groups when siting, design and layout of new development is carried out, and that conflicting requirements are fairly balanced.

  • Create well-used and active public places which help to foster a sense of community and reduce crime.

  • Ensure that services and infrastructure are developed alongside new housing and jobs, as well as protecting existing facilities that are important to local people such as pubs, community buildings, sports and leisure facilities.

  • There is also a role for the Local Plan in supporting arts and culture.

We will also consider how developers can support employment, skills development, apprenticeships, and other education and training opportunities in both during construction and on completion of a development, to make a direct contribution to the local community.

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