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Where jobs are created

Eddington Market Square. Photograph courtesy of Eddington- University of Cambridge. Photograph: Paul Hughes

A feature of the Greater Cambridge economy is the range of businesses located at South Cambridgeshire villages, in both small premises and business parks or industrial estates. These complement the employers based in or on the edge of Cambridge, or the large business parks in South Cambridgeshire. We will need to consider:

  • Where new business space should be sited, in relation to public transport and residential areas, given that we have a highly mobile workforce who tend to move jobs much more frequently than they move house.

  • How we ensure that our new settlements are attractive to major employers.

  • Whether and how we should plan for new business space, or flexible co-working space, in neighbourhoods or villages, thereby reducing the need to travel, and supporting our net zero carbon (see glossary).

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