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Space for businesses to grow

Cambridge Science Park

The Local Plan (see glossary) needs to ensure that there is sufficient land for business uses, in the right places and to suit different business types and specific business clusters. Greater Cambridge (see glossary) employers come in a range of sizes, from start-ups (see glossary) with a few individuals to major firms with hundreds of employees, and the area needs to have the right range of premises to support these varied needs. Alongside this, more and more people are working flexibly, and do not need to travel to a specific place of work on a daily basis. We need to consider:

  • Demand for ‘start-up’, incubator (see glossary), and grow-on space (see glossary) as a feature of Greater Cambridge’s economy is a high rate of ‘Business churn’ (see glossary), with large numbers of firms starting up each year.

  • The increasing popularity of flexible workspace and co-working hubs, providing shared facilities.

  • Providing for a wide range of employment opportunities.

  • How new business space can adapt to fast-changing working practices which will continue to evolve over time.

  • Demand for specialist space, such as laboratories.

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