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How our city, town and village centres evolve and adapt

Outdoor cinema and night market. Photograph courtesy Cambridge BID

Cambridge city centre, and our district, local and village centres, provide important services and a large amount of retail space. These already make an important contribution to the vibrant and diverse character of Cambridge and its charm as a place to inhabit and visit. It is therefore essential that these facilities are given careful consideration with regard to any related development proposals that may affect their provision. Similarly, it is important that residents of new urban extensions/towns and other rural villages/centres also have access to local services and facilities to meet their day-to-day needs.

Retail is changing with the growth of internet shopping, and centres need to adapt if they are to remain vibrant destinations. The Local Plan will need to consider:

  • How our town centres adapt to the change in retail and the growth of online shopping.

  • What other uses, such as leisure, culture, workspace or homes, should be encouraged in our centres.

  • If and where shops should continue to be protected from competing uses unless they are shown to be no longer viable.

  • How to improve the public realm in centres to allow a variety of local activities.

  • Ensuring well located, suitable local services and facilities available to meet the day-to-day needs of residents and visitors.

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