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Securing new infrastructure to accompany new homes and jobs

Eddington School. Eddington – University of Cambridge, Marks Barfield Architects. Photograph: Morley von SternbergThe next Local Plan (see glossary) will be supported by an infrastructure plan which will need to consider issues including:

  • What upgrades are needed to our electricity infrastructure. Work carried out to assess electricity grid capacity for Greater Cambridge (see glossary) has highlighted the need to triple capacity to support the current growth agenda and electrification of transport. Further reinforcement will also be required to achieve the net zero carbon (see glossary) We need to consider ways in which the planning system can help support both traditional grid reinforcement as well as the development of smart energy grids.

  • How our water and wastewater infrastructure is developed to meet the needs of new development, and to increase efficiency so we are resilient to our changing climate.

  • Service needs, such as whether any new schools are needed.

  • How our digital infrastructure will develop to meet demand.

Identifying land for minerals and waste, including recycling centres, is identified in a separate Minerals & Waste Plan produced by Cambridgeshire County Council. Linked to this, the Councils are partners to the RECAP Waste Management Design Guide which sets out how new development should be designed to support effective waste management.

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