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Reducing the need to travel and increasing access to sustainable transport options

Guided busway and cycle parking. Photograph © Greater Cambridge Shared Planning ServiceThe Local Plan will need to consider how new development encourages a shift towards decreasing car use and increased use of sustainable transport. The way we move around is likely to change significantly over the plan period and our communities will need to be able to adapt to this.

This will involve:

  • Considering opportunities provided by existing or planned transport improvements (such as public transport stops) when determining where future development should take place.

  • Assessing how potential development sites could provide new opportunities for transport infrastructure improvements.

  • Designing new development so that active ways of getting around like walking and cycling are supported, and there are real public transport alternatives to using the car.

  • Encouraging the delivery of packages and goods to become more sustainable, such as by supporting the development of local delivery hubs.

  • Making the most of the opportunities provided by new technology.

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