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The needs of Gypsies and Travellers and caravan dwellers

Greater Cambridge (see glossary) has a large Gypsy and Traveller community. Under the Housing & Planning Act 2016, local authorities have a duty to assess the housing needs of both those residing in caravans and on inland waterways where houseboats can be moored.

A key priority for South Cambridgeshire District Council is to identify new sites to accommodate those that wish to live in a caravan. Although a recent assessment did not identify any need for Gypsy & Traveller sites for those meeting the planning definition (in essence those who have a nomadic habit of life), it did show a need to provide sites for those residing in caravans who no longer travel, as well as pitches to accommodate Travelling Showpeople. We will be reviewing our evidence to inform the next local plan (see glossary).

In terms of houseboat dwellers, there is currently space for around seventy residential boats plus some additional space for visitors, on the River Cam. The adopted 2018 Local Plans (see glossary) identify a site to the north of the City that has been allocated for off-river residential moorings.

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