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Housing quality

New homes and public space at Eddington. Photograph courtesy of Stanton WilliamsWe want to create high quality homes which are safe, secure and long-lasting. In the adopted 2018 Local Plans (see glossary), the Councils applied the National Space Standards, which set minimum room sizes to ensure homes are fit for purpose. For the new Local Plan (see glossary) we need to consider:

  • Whether the minimum space standards in national regulations remain appropriate.

  • Whether we should have specific standards for energy efficiency, accessibility and adaptability, to reflect our local needs and how this might affect affordability.

  • How housing design impacts on health and wellbeing – this is covered further in the wellbeing and social inclusion theme.

  • How housing design responds to the increasing trend for working from home, and other changing lifestyle demands.

  • How new homes should be constructed to reduce water and energy use and adapt to our changing climate. This is covered in more detail in the climate change theme.

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