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Homes - what do we have to do?

New homes at Nine Wells

The next Local Plan (see glossary) will define the number of new homes we should be planning for, and where they should be built. It will also need to establish the size, type and tenure of housing needed for different groups in the community, and plan for how those needs can be met.

Our adopted 2018 Local Plans (see glossary) include a commitment to an early review of those plans to update the assessment of housing needs, consider progress of delivering planned developments including new settlements, and consider the needs of caravan dwellers and government changes to the approach to planning for Gypsies and Travellers.

Updates to national planning policy (see glossary) have introduced a new way of calculating the minimum number of homes needed, referred to as the standard method. The method takes account of population growth and affordability issues. National guidance acknowledges that the standard method does not account for changing economic circumstances or other factors, and says that higher figures can be considered.

To promote the development of a good mix of sites and to help speed up housebuilding, national planning policy requires the Local Plan to plan for at least 10% of the new homes required on small sites no larger than one hectare. We will need to identify land to meet this requirement.

Another recent change is that national planning policy requires that Local Plans should also set out a housing requirement for designated neighbourhood areas to plan for, when they are preparing their Neighbourhood Plans (see glossary). This number should reflect the overall strategy for the pattern and scale of development in the next Local Plan.

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