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Homes - what are we already doing?

New homes at Northstowe. Photograph © Greater Cambridge Shared Planning ServiceOur adopted 2018 Local Plans (see glossary) allocate land to meet a target of 33,500 homes between 2011 and 2031 (1,675 per year). Many of these are major sites on the edge of Cambridge like Darwin Green and North West Cambridge, and at new settlements like Northstowe and the new town north of Waterbeach.

During the next Local Plan (see glossary) period (proposed to be 2017-2040), these, and other sites that already have planning permission, are likely to provide around 36,400 homes. A further 9,660 homes on these sites may be built after 2040 but there are no policy constraints on them being built earlier if developers wish to do so.

We have therefore already planned for a number of sites which will contribute to meeting our future housing need for the next Local Plan.

The Councils have also adopted a joint Housing Strategy (Homes for our future Greater Cambridge Housing Strategy 2019 – 2023). This sets the context as to how both Councils aim to meet the housing challenges facing the area, setting out key priorities for action.

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