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Infographic showing that there are 120,790 homes in Greater Cambridge; average house prices are £541,514 in Cambridge, £441,539 in South Cambs and £234,853 in the UK; the lower quartile price to income ratio is 14.3 for Cambridge, 10.8 (for South Cambs and 7.3 for England; and the median monthly cost to rent a 2 bed house is £1190 in Cambridge, £893 in South Cambs, £675 in the UK

Housing is one of the most important issues in planning. The next Local Plan (see glossary) will define the number of new homes we should be planning for to meet the needs of our communities and the growing economy, including what types of housing we need and where they should be built.

The costs of buying or renting a home, and the shortage of homes available for those on low to middle incomes, are a real issue for many of those living and wanting to live in Greater Cambridge (see glossary). If we do not plan for enough homes, this could worsen affordability, limit our local economy, damage social inclusion, and have implications for climate change as people travel further to access jobs. As we live longer, having suitable properties for us to downsize into without leaving our communities is an important issue, which would also free up family housing.

The Local Plan has an important role to play in ensuring we get the right homes in the right places so that everyone has the chance to live settled, healthy lives. We must also consider how we can encourage the development industry to build houses more quickly to meet our needs.

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