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Great places

Infographic showing that Greater Cambridge has 3519 Listed Buildings, 89   Conservation Areas,   11 RIBA Award-winning projects in 2019 which is 12% of the UK total, and that the     Greater Cambridge Shared Planning Service Design Review Panels have carried out 241 design reviews since April 2014.

Cambridge is an iconic historic centre of national significance. It is surrounded by a rural area with a unique landscape character, from the Greensand Ridge to the Fens. Greater Cambridge (see glossary) contains over 100 villages which are treasured for their architectural heritage and distinctive qualities, making them very desirable places to live and to visit.

There has been considerable growth in Greater Cambridge over recent years, and we have a track record as a place where contemporary design and the historic environment co-exist in harmony. The aim has always been to achieve high quality developments, and there have been many award-winning projects.

In planning for future new development, we need to consider how the next plan will protect and respond to the landscapes and townscapes that make our area special. We must not just protect the best places created by past generations – we should be creating outstanding new buildings and landscapes that will become the treasured heritage of future generations.

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