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Climate change- adaptation

Illustration of mitigation and adaptationClimate change mitigation (see glossary) means reducing our impact on the climate as far as possible. This involves:

Climate change adaptation (see glossary) means ensuring that our communities can evolve as our climate changes – to more extreme weather, a hotter climate, and a changing ecology. This includes:

  • Ensuring that we are safe from flood risk and extreme weather events.

  • Designing buildings and places so that they are easy to keep cool in a warming climate without using increasing amounts of energy for air-conditioning, and without increasing the heat island (see glossary)

  • Being efficient in our use of water and ensuring that we have enough water resources to meet our needs.

  • Ensuring food security and the adaptation of agriculture and food growing to our changing climate.

  • Ensuring that trees and plants are selected to be resilient to a warmer and drier climate.

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