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Improving the green space network

Graphic depicting green spaces and people excercising

We need to consider how attractive, accessible and well-designed open space is created and protected. Key issues include:

  • How we can improve, add to and connect up our green spaces.

  • How our green spaces can create wellbeing through places to relax and socialise, and healthy lifestyles through places for play and sport.

  • Balancing public access to nature, which is known to have health and well-being benefits, with the need for some natural habitats to be undisturbed and wild.

  • Making green spaces multi-functional – absorbing and storing stormwater, improving biodiversity, and absorbing carbon emissions.

  • How rural biodiversity is balanced with other demands on the countryside, such as agriculture.

  • How new development can directly deliver or contribute to the enhancement of green and natural spaces.

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