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Biodiversity and green spaces - what do we have to do?

Common frog photographed in Greater Cambrige. Photograph © Finn Holding

National planning policy (see glossary) requires us to protect and enhance valued wildlife habitats and sites of biodiversity importance. Whilst we have previously been required to protect and enhance biodiversity through development, national policy now requires development to achieve a net gain for biodiversity. Biodiversity net gain requires developers to ensure habitats for wildlife are enhanced and left in a measurably better state than they were in before development.

Local Plans also need to take a strategic approach to promoting the restoration and enhancement of the green infrastructure (see glossary) network, taking into account its varied benefits including supporting biodiversity, providing opportunities for recreation, mitigating and adapting to climate change and enhancing landscape character. This means having a clear understanding of what is present in the area and exploring how planning can help protect and improve it.

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