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Site submissions

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Guide to using the Site submission map

Guide to using the Site submission map

Finding a site 

  • Use the search icon to search for a site by postal code, name or address.
  • Use the + and - zoom controls in the bottom left corner of the map to zoom in and out of the map and drag the map to move to the required site location (for mobile devices use the screen to zoom in and out).
  • Once you have found the required site location, select the site to see the details relating to that site.
  • Select the Link to JDI record (within the site details on the left-hand side of the map), to view the JDI record in the consultation's database (for mobile devices the Link to JDI record is at the bottom of the page when clicking on the site).
  • The x and y coordinates visible over the map, after searching for a site using the search icon, are the Ordnance Survey National Grid reference system (also known as British National Grid (BNG)). This is a system of geographic grid references used in Great Britain, distinct from latitude and longitude.

Map display options

  • Use the map legend icon (top right corner) to view the base maps as either monochrome, colour or as aerial photography (for the years 1940, 1988, 1998, 2003, 2008 and 2013). 
  • The map layers function lets you search for Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment sites (HELAA Sites - August 2020) submitted during the Call for Sites (2019) and subsequent Call for Sites and Call for Green Sites processes.
  • The sites are colour-coded for mixed use, non-residential, residential, residential or non-residential and all others, to identify the type of use of site that has been submitted.
  • A list of colour-coded map layer options are presented, including categories such as the type of site allocation (for example: housing or employment), specified map boundaries (for example: Area Action Plan areas, strategic site boundaries and Parish Council or Ward boundaries). Tick the box next to the required option to view the sites submitted within that category.
  • Use the zoom in and out features to navigate the sites within the maps.

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