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Relationship with Neighbourhood Planning

Neighbourhood planning is a way for local communities to take a proactive approach to deciding the future of the places where they live and work. It is a right, not a legal requirement, which communities can use to shape how their neighbourhood develops, including influencing the location and design of homes, shops, offices, industry and infrastructure.

Neighbourhood Plans need to conform to the strategic policies of the Local Plan to be valid. When made (formally adopted) they have equal weight in the planning system to the Local Plan.

In Cambridge, community groups interested in preparing a Neighbourhood Plan (see glossary) need to be formally established as “neighbourhood forums” for a specified part of the city. No draft neighbourhood plans have yet been submitted to us for any part of Cambridge, although one Neighbourhood Area has been designated at South Newnham. You can find more information on the Cambridge Neighbourhood Plans webpages.

In South Cambridgeshire, Neighbourhood Plans are normally prepared by Parish Councils. Currently one Neighbourhood Plan has been made (adopted) by South Cambridgeshire District Council. A further 17 villages are preparing plans, and are at various stages of the neighbourhood plan making process. You can find more information on South Cambridgeshire Neighbourhood Plans. The Council has also been working with some villages to help prepare village design guides.

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