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What happens next

The views expressed by individuals, communities, businesses, academic institutions and stakeholders (see glossary) during this consultation will help us develop and refine the options for further testing. This then allows us to identify the preferred approach to the themes and areas for growth, and the draft plan itself. 

All the comments received during the consultation will be analysed and a summary report produced and published on this website. Further details of the next steps will also be published on this website. 

The choices set out at this stage explore the high-level principles. In the coming months we will gather further evidence to inform the full consideration of choices, and take account of the feedback you offer us at this stage, to help us develop a preferred strategy and a draft Local Plan (see glossary). This will include: 

  1. Confirming how many homes and jobs we need to plan for. 

  2. Assessing the sites available to deliver the development. We will produce a Housing & Economic Land Availability Assessment to explore the options for development in Greater Cambridge, including drawing on the results of the Call for Sites in Spring 2019. 

  3. Creating more detailed growth location options that reflect different approaches to balancing growth across the different areas described above. 

  4. Testing the transport and other impacts of those growth location options. 

We will continue to involve you at key stages as the new Local Plan is developed. 

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