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Gathering the evidence

We are gathering the appropriate level of evidence to inform the preparation of the plan, as required by national policy. This will include further research on: 

  • Housing and Economic Land Availability

  • Housing types and specialist needs. 

  • Employment and Needs. 

  • Retail and Leisure Needs. 

  • Visitor Accommodation. 

  • Responding to climate change and the transition to Net Zero Carbon (see glossary. 

  • Green Infrastructure (see glossary) and Biodiversity Net Gain. 

  • Green Belt. 

  • Landscape. 

  • Transport. 

  • Infrastructure & Phasing of development. 

  • Viability. 

  • Strategic Flood Risk Assessment. 

  • Habitat Regulations Assessment. 

We will publish this evidence as it is produced and as the Local Plan (see glossary) develops, so you will be able to read and comment on it. 

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