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Conservation Area Appraisal consultations

Conservation Area Appraisals describe the character and significance of Conservation Areas and give recommendations for their conservation and enhancement. Management Plans make recommendations for conservation and/or enhancements within the Conservation Areas. Where there is no existing Appraisal for a Conservation Area, the Conservation Area Appraisal will capture and record the character of the area.

Conservation Area Appraisals are reviewed periodically and Draft Conservation Area Appraisals currently open for informal consultation are listed on this webpage.

We encourage the public to read the Draft Conservation Area Appraisal documents and feedback via the online consultation survey listed next to each draft document.

Current Conservation Area Appraisal consultation 

We are currently consulting on the following Conservation Area Appraisal:

  • Whittlesford Conservation Area

The consultation is open for comments until 6 October 2023.

How to comment

Please use the survey link below to share your views on some of the key features of the conservation area. 

Conservation Area Appraisal Survey: