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Waterbeach Neighbourhood Plan adopted


(Photograph by Jane Williams)

Following a referendum for the Waterbeach Neighbourhood Plan on 3 March 2022, the Plan was officially adopted or 'made' at South Cambridgeshire District Council's Full Council meeting on 23 March 2022. 

The Greater Shared Panning Service has been working closely with the Parish Council since their neighbourhood area was designated on 10 August 2015. 

The Waterbeach Neighbourhood Plan vision is: 

  • The neighbourhood area will continue to be a suitable place to live and work by ensuring that the identity and character of the existing communities within the Parish are respected and protected. 
  • The plan will ensure that any new development will provide sustainable infrastructure. 
  • It will ensure the improvement of the overall quality of life for every resident. New development should not be overbearing or overwhelming and should complement the rural vistas and existing Fen Edge landscape. 

The Plan contains a range of policies to help achieve this vision – from transport policies to ones protecting the heart of the village and landscape character. Find out more about the plan at Waterbeach Neighbourhood Plan - South Cambs District Council (